About Us / Brand Story

Antiflop was born from a thought: “What if a work of art could be worn…” As a luxury and wearable art brand from Lisbon, we reproduce renowned works of art on scarves. Situated between the Art and Fashion Universes, we have developed partnerships with Artists, Museums, Art Galleries, Fashion Shops and Concept Stores around the world. Bringing art to our customer’s everyday life, allows us to present not only a clothing accessory, but also a story and a unique and timeless fashion statement.

In the limited-edition collection ART by Antiflop, we have reproduced the art of Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, Nadir Afonso, José de Guimarães, Sofia Areal, António Soares, Vanessa Teodoro… These collaborations provide us with an exclusive and strong position in the Cultural, Artistic, Fashion and Design Markets.

Our own ICONIC Collection by Antiflop, results from the design of original patterns inspired by the most emblematic cultural icons. We have reproduced the oldest map known of Portugal, a 100$ bill of Fernando Pessoa, the typical Portuguese pavement, 50´s paper dolls and old newspapers from Lisbon’s turn of the century press.